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Here Comes A Saturday

This song was written toward the end of the Advision studio sessions for the Original Sin album.  Terry Chimes had already broken down his silver Hayman kit and taken it home.  A rental kit was acquired.  The basic track was laid down using the pulse wave modulated synth tone coming from the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.  A fairly simple song, it jammed a 9th on the initial chord to give it some interest and distinction.   The Prophet 5 pulse was the basis of the song, the rhythm clung nervously to the pulse timing until other drums were added.  Kudos to Dennis MacKay for pulling this recording together and for being a solid professional and maestro of audio quality, he would not quit!  The track was painstakingly put together piece by piece with a skeleton crew in attendance, Evan Charles filling in on guitars.  Dennis Mackay plays hi hats on this one and delivered, with this mix, a sound of the future type of recording.  There were things about this song that, at the time, sounded like a big break through, a boundary being pushed back.

The lyrics were a mix of references to my childhood growing up in the North East on a council estate, then later as a semi-detached young man among swathes of people out at night on High Streets in South London, the shows we’d played all over the country and night life encounters  at The SpeakEasy all rolled into one stream of thought.

Here is the lyric:

here comes a saturday
down the shops
and back again
some things i recollect
short change from friends
who say
the story to be told
is written upon the face
of crowds
for every eye to see

friday nights and the cinemas
won’t dictate the way
i feel when
sometimes i do recall
that with their words
they ponder aloud
of houses
to be proud
and names
so full of history

here comes a saturday
here comes a saturday

if they were to ask me
maybe i should repair
and remember
that time
remembering that i
may have to
wait here patiently

now time comes looming
how would i know
what i should say
to those that look my way
with empty gestures
and the reason
i find
for turning the blind eye
it must be so
somethings are just the end

here comes a saturday
here comes a saturday

these things i can reveal
were brought from feelings
that serve to regiment the line
for working on the tyne

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